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Just been busy, is all.


Don’t count me out. I’m just getting started!

Amy Jones


In Love with the Brotherhood

A long time ago, it became obvious that I was missing out on something big. Several of my friends had read, fallen in love with and talked about obsessively a series of books called “The Black Dagger Brotherhood” by J. R. Ward.


BDB fan art from Blaubeerstrauch90 (at DeviantArt).

I am admittedly late to the game on most of the big book series (Confession: I didn’t even read Twilight until after I saw the first movie), but I am obsessive once I start a series. When I’m in a good book(s), I will read in the morning over the toaster, I will read in the car in the daycare parking lot, I will read at my desk at work, I will read making dinner and I will read late into the night. I will immerse myself in that world so completely that I will neglect the real one. This is a difficult side effect to cope with having 2 young children. I have to pace myself. Good books have to be spaced out with downtime in between. This lessens the guilt I feel when I’m so often “away” in book land.

I am currently on an extended hiatus from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, as I devoured 8 books straight from October through Christmas. I was so wholly immersed in this world of vampires, lessors, chosen and sympaths that I barely remember the month of November.

I have 3 more books to go and then there is going to be a new one this spring. These books are the best of guilty pleasure entertaining fun. This book series is pure pulp vampire sex, but there is a unique enough world, and the boys are just tattooed and bad enough, to keep you hooked.

I can’t wait to dive back in with the next book, but I’m pacing myself. Giving myself time until I’m really “needing” the brotherhood back real bad. I have a feeling, it will be very soon.

5 Ways You Know Your Friend is Addicted to the Black Dagger Brotherhood:

  1. She’s constantly talking about people named Wrath, Zsadist, Rhevenge and Xhex.
  2. She asks you “What’s doing?” or “You feel me?” when she never did before.
  3. She is always asking you to help her talk her partner into wearing leathers and shit kickers (aka leather pants and boots).
  4. She wishers her partner would wear leathers and shit kickers.
  5. She successfully forces ever other avid reader she knows who is not reading the series to read the series. Like now. Do. It. Now.

The Ever Popular (No Not Really) Average Girl Reviews in 5 Bullets or Less

Since my legion of readers (Hi, Mom and Jamie!) are not doubt wondering where the latest Average Girl Reviews in 5 Bullets or Less post is, have no fear. It’s right here!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (not a new release, but still going)

  • The movies are better than the books. I liked the book series over all (though I had some issue with the ending), but man, the movies really work.
  • Our Katniss (who has helped spark a national love affair with arrows, apparently) finds herself in the arena again, and this time it’s even nastier. But there is more to this Hunger Games than meets the eye and the stage is set for a rebellion. Watch out Snow!
  • I was Team Peeta all the way with this one, and even though I knew from the books what happened to Peeta at the end of this story, it was effectively done in the movie.
  • I wish this director would go back and re-do the first one. Catching Fire required more brightness and contrast overall, but I thought it was crisper as well. Can a movie be crisper? This one was.
  • You know you want to see everything Jennifer Lawrence is in. She is the intelligent ingenue that we’re all in love with. Go J Law!


  • A great movie, but it’s a bit of a mind fuck.
  • But that’s a good thing. I mean, talk about rich material and ideas to ponder. There is something in this movie, I guarantee, that will touch on some aspect of your life.
  • Joaquin Phoenix is amazing. His character is an everyman, despite what you might think from the trailer.
  • Amy Adams is equally amazing. Actually, I would say her performance is brilliant. She plays the friend next door. The relationship between her character and Phoenix’s character is the respite from the central relationship of Phoenix’s character with his operating system (named Samantha).
  • This is set in a strange future that kinda makes sense. It’s disarming. As disarming as the lovely Samantha seeming as real as if she were a voice on the phone but artificial intelligence nonetheless. Therein lies the rub.