Nature Kids

As the year wraps up and I am still trying to find my Christmas mojo, I am reflecting on some awesome memories that we have made this year. Two of those memories involve venturing into the great outdoors. Something I hope we do more of in 2014.

My oldest enjoying Sunday morning scooter riding in his pjs.

My oldest enjoying Sunday morning scooter riding in his pjs.

September saw a big fun camping trip with lots of friends. You can read all about it in my article for Our Valley Events.

It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad we did it. The whole thing was damn near perfect.

It gave my oldest son a freedom that he doesn’t often get. It gave my family a new adventure. It gave me needed time with friends who I don’t get to see enough. Though we aren’t really “campers”, it was a great introduction to a weekend camping trip and grounds to improve for next time.

There will be a next time.

Kids on Green Mountain trail

For the long Thanksgiving break, we decided to spend Black Friday outdoors. There are trails galore to explore with the boys one day, but we (thanks to a suggestion) decided to start easy with a nice walk on Green Mountain. This would be an introduction to walking on a (well marked, easy to follow, relatively flat) trail.

It went well. My 2-year-old absolutely loved it, but then he would walk for miles and miles and miles if he could. He loves to walk and explore. My 5-year-old had a few issues to over-come, namely the realization that yes, we are, way far away from any facilities!

It really was fun and a great introduction for the kids. I think a few more rounds on Green Mountain in the spring and then we’ll try Monte Sano. Lots of great trails yet to explore and adventures to have.

On a side note – I think my husband and I fell in love walking on Monte Sano trails. When we first started dating, we used to go and walk and talk. Walk and talk. Talk and talk and talk. We were alone on the trail, enjoying each others company and getting to know each other. I think it was the best way to get to know each other. Maybe in the years to come, it will be the best way for my family to know and understand each other better, grow closer and stay connected.

Here’s to falling in love with my family all over again somewhere outdoors this new year.

My boys on Green Mountain

RJ and DJ – Green Mountain, 2013


Babes Words

I’ve been collecting a few of my favorite “out of the mouths of babes” from my oldest son here. Now, it seems I’m going to have to add my youngest son to the list. At the age of two, DJ is just now really “talking” and what we are discovering while in the throes of the terrible two’s is that he has a kind soul.

DJ and mommyThe words of DJ:

  • Almost every morning he tells his Daddy to “be careful” when he’s saying his goodbyes.
  • This morning when we were dropping big brother off at school, he told him to “get a green face”. That means for brother to be good at school!
  • Following the new kitty, Indy, around the house then quietly getting down in his face and saying, “I love you, Indy.”
  • [Edit] Watching his brother play a game on the tablet, DJ sees him win and says “You did it! I’m so proud of you!”

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list. He’s a precious boy and my favorite #2 son. Don’t tell my favorite #1 son that, they are fiercely competitive and I can foresee many knock-down-drag-outs in their future. But for now, DJ still hugs his big brother and kisses him goodnight.

My Halloween Shirt

I have tried to wear it other times during the year. It just doesn’t feel right. Somewhere along the way, I mentally noted this as my “Halloween shirt” and I can’t un-note it. So, today I wear my Halloween shirt proudly. It is happy to see the world outside my closet, for soon it will go back in for another year. I don’t even bother looking at/for it anymore. There is only total resignation.

Amy Halloween Shirt

Happy Halloween from me and my shirt!