My Broadway Musicals Top Ten

Since I work for a presenter of touring Broadway shows, I’ve seen lots and lots of shows. It’s a privilege that I don’t take for granted. I’m often fond of classifying a show as “in my top ten.”

So, what is my top ten? I’ve never sat down and actually written it out. It’s just been a loose list in my head that changes every so often when I have something to add to it. It’s not really real. It’s just a concept, I suppose.

Until now!

This post is my attempt to make it real, to make a commitment. What is Amy’s Top Ten? Here goes –

  1. Les Miserables – I was smitten within minutes of the opening number and nothing will top it. Ever.
  2. Billy Elliot* – Pure emotional satisfaction.
  3. Rock of Ages* – My perfect musical.
  4. Cabaret* – Love every single song and the Emcee is one of my favorite characters ever.
  5. Once* – Simply stunning.
  6. Rent – The musical of my Gen X generation.
  7. Chicago – Sexy ladies and gents, murder and Mr. Cellophane.
  8. Spring Awakening – Rock ‘n roll and energy and heartbreak.
  9. In the Heights* – Another emotionally satisfying journey with unbelievably good music.
  10. Wicked – What else did you think would round out my top ten? It just barely made it and for no other reason than the stupendous end of Act I.

Now there, I’ve written it out. It may change this weekend since I’ll be seeing West Side Story for the first time. But for now, let the list be so on this 4th day of January.

*denotes that I saw the show on Broadway


The Extraordinary I’m Talking About

Yesterday was a wonderful example of what I’m trying to convey with my blog name and tag line.

I went to Chattanooga on a work trip. Just a quick trip up, see a few cool places around town, eat, see a show and drive back home. But in those few hours of what would be called an average work trip, I kept seeing extraordinary things.

Tree branch suspended over a dining area in Warehouse Row.

Tree branches hanging from giant wires is a pretty awesome thing to stumble upon.

Found outside the ladies room at Public House restaurant.

Who isn’t thrilled by a random Lebowski siting?

Sourdough bread, pimento cheese and fried pickles “snack” at Public House restaurant.

I went into a makeup store in Warehouse Row and when I told the sales lady where we were going for dinner, Public House, she said we had to try this. We ordered it and then were given explicit instructions on how to eat it. It was truly delicious and absolutely an extraordinary finding.

 So, thank you Chattanooga. I had a great time finding the extraordinary!

Working Mom

Once a year, my little non-profit arts presenter has a big luncheon to thank our sponsors and the media and to announce our new season. We announce to them first as part of the “thank you”….you know, they get to hear it first.

The luncheon went smashing-ly well. I wanted to share a few photos of the decor. I am VERY proud of my design work on the season brochure this year. The luncheon then played off of that. As much as I didn’t care for all of the hard work and early morning hours that went into getting the luncheon ready, I have to admit that I was immensely pleased with the outcome. A nice translation of my brochure. My boss gets complete and total credit. I wore out my brain on the brochure and so would never have had the eye for this like he did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spoke of my brochure early on here.

Want to see the final cover? I thought so. I’m going to devote a post to the entire brochure later.

Brand new brochure cover, designed by yours truly.