Downtown with the Rocket City Bloggers

I was very happy to join up with the Rocket City Bloggers. Events like this:

1525489_10152091581307920_1539566619_ngive me an opportunity to socialize with them and hopefully get to know my fellow bloggers better. Though the group regularly has monthly get-togethers, I can’t make those and becoming more involved is a priority for me.

But – you don’t have to be a blogger to come to this event. If your business could benefit from the exposure of a blogger, come and meet real-life bloggers. If your business needs a writer, hey, we LOVE to write. If your attraction needs testimonials, we go and do things. You get the idea.

If you want to learn how to blog, we would love to meet you. You will be in a room full of people who blog across many different platforms and someone will be at your level, I guarantee. I mean, I started out with nothing more than a copy of “Mom Blogging for Dummies” and though I’m far from greatness, I consider myself a blogger and I can only improve from here.

Also – free food and exclusive beer tasting. I’ll talk beer with anybody! Beer is a great way to make friends!

Also, also – get to see the inside of the building. It’s stunning and worth the peek inside.

So join me Thursday, Jan. 16 from 5:30 – 7:30 and let’s make some new BFF’s! Okay, at the very least we’ll make a few good acquaintances.

See you there!

PS – Ray’s not real, but what if he was. Find out what happens to Ray in our serialized short story “The Man Named Ray Leyden“.


The Man Named Ray Leyden, Part II

This is a serialized short fiction piece that we, The Rocket City Bloggers, are collaboratively writing for our Downtown with the RCB Event in January, 2014.

The Man Named Ray Leyden, Part II 

For Part I, visit


A shoe that was laying on the ground, literally having been stepped out of by the hurried lady with her arms wrapped around a giant box heading toward the steps of the building.

“Oh, my!” she said as she whipped around, realizing what had happened. She immediately started laughing and heading toward Ray.

“I can’t believe I lost my shoe. What in the world! I’m so sorry.” she said as she continued to laugh with a tinge of exacerbation. She slipped the shoe back on and made eye contact with Ray. “Are you going to the Rocket City Bloggers event?” she asked. “I am. I can’t wait. It was so fun last time. Everyone is so interesting. You should come.”

“I am headed that way in just a bit.” he said. “I just need to make a quick stop first.”

“Awesome. I’ll look for you and we’ll do formal introductions, trade blog names and I’ll make sure you meet everyone.” She took off up the steps.

Ray wished he’d gotten her name, but resolved to make her acquaintance properly once inside. He watched her go in and join the others before he picked up his pace down the steps into Big Spring Park.

Blogging. Could he do it? What could he possibly blog about?

Huntsville, Alabama (1)Once down into the park beside the canal, Ray started thinking about the past again – his own past as a teenager right here in Big Spring Park. It was the summer of ’75, right about the time he started writing in his own journal. He was just out of high school and still wanted to throw a blanket on the grass and hang out with his fellow HHS graduates. No, they weren’t really a bunch of hippies, but passersby downtown might have thought those kids in the park were up to no good. If you kept on through the park, you got to spy on the new Von Braun Civic Center that had just opened. The VBCC, as it was called, had just finished a whole bunch of Elvis Presley concerts that still had downtown Huntsville buzzing. Even Ray’s girlfriend at the time Sandy Allen had gone, even though she wouldn’t admit it to the whole group.

“I would never go to an Elvis concert,” Sandy would say. “Come on Ray. Drive us over to the Dead Children’s Playground.”

Then the group of childhood friends, some headed for college in the fall, others like Ray, going to work instead, would load up in his Monte Carlo and head over to the backside of Maple Hill Cemetery to the little park where they would no doubt get run off and end up back here in downtown. Those were the carefree days of the 70’s in Huntsville where the immediate past was all about blasting rockets into space and the present looked bright as the lights of __________________.

To be continued in our next installment over at Tina Leach-Williams place:

Come meet the Rocket City Bloggers on January 16 starting at 5:30. We’ll be in the building hanging out with Downtown Huntsville Inc. We’ll have food from The Eaves and drinks from The Brew Stooges. Door prizes and networking opportunities will keep things lively. See you there!